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June 2020

    For all of us, lives and daily routines have been altered because of the corona virus. Living and working in our world can be a challenge. But this is not something new for our missionaries. Missionaries experience events daily that bring opportunities for creative evangelism and Bible teaching.

      Example #1 - I have been able to make some contact with the police department during this lockdown period and have been able to give them lots of hand sanitizers and gospels literature! So far, no one has given me a frown. Please pray that the word that has been placed in their hands would result in their salvation.

      Example #2 - The Lord provided 10 new motor bikes for my partner pastors to aid the effective traveling to their various ministries to feed the flock of God. I once again thanked God for protecting my life and my wife when we were traveling and had one of the back tires burst. Five people were saved during the church service.

      Example #3 - God has used gifts to share groceries with many of the families that have suffered job loss because of the quarantine. It has been a source of great encouragement for all and allows us to make visits to homes and minister in a special way.

      Example #4 - He’s a young believer ... Last year, he signed up for my Bible Doctrines course, and I was a bit concerned as part of the course dealt with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. After the class, at our next discipleship meeting, I was nervous to find out how he’d respond. To my surprise he asked for prayer to deal with his Charismatic pastor aunt on why she was being unbiblical. He said, “If the Bible says it, I need to do it.” Wow!

      As you can see, by creatively attacking challenges like pandemic lockdown, travel dangers, job loss, and false doctrine, the truth from God’s Word is being spread. IFM missionaries are indeed “Standing Firm in Troubled Times.” Please pray daily for your missionaries that God would enable them to use their unique experiences to serve him best. (Ephesians 6:18-20)


Hal S. Pope

​IFM Executive Director

“...he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”  2 Corinthians 9:6


Currently, the IFM Home Office is closed, but all of our staff is able to work from home and keep things running for your missionaries. Technology is enabling us to seamlessly continue most all of our normal operations. Praise the Lord for his provision! If you have any questions or need to contact us, please continue to reach out by phone or email.


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