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Estate Planning


Unless the Lord returns we will all face death. We may not believe that we have much to leave, but how we handle what God has entrusted to us is an important responsibility. Unless we plan well, the state may take these assets instead of what we leave helping those we love.

Certainly, our families should be included in our final wishes. Your home church would benefit, as well. Mission agencies such as IFM have been greatly blessed from good estate planning.

A God-honoring will is a testimony to our love for the Lord as His work across the world continues to be blessed after He calls us home. It might be worth taking a few moments to review your will, insurance policies and plans for your estate. Be certain that you are including those that you want remembered.

New Ways To Give

IFM now has automatic bank drafting available to assist you in giving to your

missionaries. Please contact the Receipting Department directly at 336-740-9328
or visit our giving section for information and secure online donations.

Also visit our giving section to donate online using your credit/debit card.

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