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No Turning Back

is a book by Jan Van Hee on the life and ministry of Herbert Grings. He was the father to two of IFM’s missionaries - Louise Grings Champlin and Mark Grings (deceased) and to a number of grandchildren (Dan Grings, Esther Grings Marsh, David Champlin, and Jonathan Champlin) who are serving as missionaries with IFM. The book tells the story of Herbert Grings first going to the Belgian Congo in 1917 as a single young man. Through many hardships, shipwreck, and the death of his wife leaving him with a family to raise on his own, Herbert kept his commitment to serve the Lord. He traveled up and down the footpaths of the jungles of Congo for many years telling people of Jesus Christ.


A wonderfully encouraging story, Jan Van Hee’s book, “No Turning Back” is easy reading and will be of blessing and help to all who have an interest in missions. “No Turning Back” is available from the IFM home office for $12.25/copy (1 to 3) including postage.

To purchase more than 3 copies, contact us for the adjusted postage cost.
Call (336) 698-3275 or purchase online.

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