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About Us

Home Office Staff


The Independent Faith Mission Home Office takes care of a variety of tasks enabling your  missionary to give full attention to the work to which God has called them. Each day the Receipting Department handles gifts which come in for the support of our missionaries. Donations are receipted, and a record and letter of thanks is sent to each donor.  

The Publications Department handles all the graphic arts needs for IFM. For instance, all missionary prayer letters are printed and mailed by IFM staff at no additional cost to your missionary.

The Financial Department keeps IFM missionaries functioning on the field. After donations are receipted, those funds are dispersed into the account of the missionary for which they are given. IFM provides accountability for all donations and provides reporting to the proper government agencies, as well as your missionary.

The Executive Director is responsible for the operation of IFM. He works with all IFM missionaries to assure that the Lord Jesus Christ is represented in the best possible way corresponding with supporters and missionaries on a regular basis.

The Home Office is staffed by dedicated people who work very hard to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to thank those of you who help meet our financial  needs. We continue to serve our donors, churches, missionaries, and our Lord, as we watch for His glorious appearing.

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