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My Redeemer Liveth

“On the fourteenth day of our arrival in Kota, we began street preaching and singing.  A good number of people gathered to hear the strangers preach in a funny way in their dialect.  We were on fire as we quoted scriptures and preached at the top of our lungs.  The thought was that the crowd had gathered to hear us preach, but it was to be otherwise.  All of a sudden I realized a crowbar being swung full fledged at me. I ducked and it landed on my shoulders, barely missing my head.  A complete commotion followed as people started running here and there.  My right shoulder was badly injured as very soon I blacked out.  When my eyes opened, I found myself in a room, lying on my back with mixed feelings. I was enveloped by an overcoming feeling of excruciating pain on one hand and on the other hand, a sense of joy at being counted worthy of being a part of the band who suffered persecution for the name of the Lord.  Tears started trickling down my cheek as I just gazed at the ceiling, unaware of any knowledge of my colleagues.  The persecution had started showing its ugly face.”

K.C. John’s (pictured far right in the cover photo) letters would always begin with the caption – “My Redeemer Liveth.”  The life of one of India’s pioneer missionaries shows that this was more than just a pet phrase. He knew for certain that his Redeemer is alive and that fact kept him going in this desert field of Rajasthan. Storms or thorns would never diminish the vision of his missionary call as recorded by his son Jacob.

“My Redeemer Liveth” is available from the IFM home office for $9.50/copy (1 to 3)

including postage.  To purchase more than 3 copies, contact us for the adjusted postage cost. Call (336) 698-3275 or purchase online.

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