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Visa Difficulties

Over the past number of years, missionaries have faced increased difficulties in acquiring Visas that allow them to minister in their respective fields. They have faced delays, denials, and hostility when applying for these documents. The political landscape across the globe is ever changing, and with that comes the growing challenge of navigating often corrupt governmental offices. We know that ultimately "the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord" (Proverbs 21:1), but please pray that your missionaries would have wisdom and clarity when navigating these situations. Pray that God would continue to direct their lives and that they would be a light in these places. 

Multi-culture Ministry

An exciting and challenging aspect of ministry in modern Europe is interaction with individuals from many diverse cultures. Over the course of the last two years, IFM missionaries in France have had regular contact with people from at least 16 different countries! One recent example is the young Buddhist man from Cambodia who through contact with a neighbor came to church for the first time in his life, just to see what it was all about. They have also been able to minister to a Christian family from Pakistan, who fled due to persecution. Other IFM missionaries in Belgium recently spoke at camp to a young teen wrestling with his trust in Allah or Jesus. Please pray for missionaries around the world as they share Christ’s love in diverse contexts.

MK College AID

We would like to be better able to help missionaries with the college education costs for their children. Missionaries give their lives to spread the gospel often times with limited resources. When college years come, they often struggle to find funds to help with their children's education. Recognizing this dilemma, IFM years ago established a college aid fund for MK's (Missionary Kids) which enables those God leads to channel tax-deductible giving toward the costs of college education. Please clearly mark your gift to the Standridge-Long Memorial Scholarship Fund to help enable us to increase college financial aid this year.

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